What is the difference between the sciatic pain and the waist disk?

The physicians, said:” The pain in the back pain, which can be caused by the protrusion of the disk between the seals and the pressure on the roots of the sciatic nerve, is mistakenly referred to as the disk and the sciatic.

Waist Disc or Sciatic:

This is a question that many patients who are suffering from shortness of breath ask their physician. Many people do not have a definite definition of these two diseases, and most often they use words.

Dr. Mohammad Hassan Bahrami, a physician and physicians specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation, explains the difference between the two, as follows:
The truth is, both the disk and the sciatic are part of the human body and are not considered disease. Between each nut, there is a flexible and flexible soft-diskett disc with its own specific function, which can have its own specific diseases from infectious and inflammatory degenerative diseases to rupture and dislocation, or so-called disc hernia.

Sciatica is also one of the largest nerves in the body that originates from several nerve roots of the lumbar region at several levels, and then comes from the waist to the back of the thigh and legs, and senses the sensory and motor branches and is responsible for the sensation and movement of the legs. Sciatic nerve can damage lesions, fractures and deep cuts. If the laryngeal roots of the sciatic nerve are affected by the pressure of the disks, it can cause pain, weakness and anesthesia, which is called the so-called sciatic word.

The most common symptom of this disease is back pain. Lumbar pain is very common and has many and varied causes. A particular type of back pain that can be caused by the release of the intermediate seal and pressure to the roots of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar region, in which case the laryngeal hernia and sciatic nerve involvement should be used, which of course physicians They use the term discopathy and radiculopathy. In this case, many patients use the word disc and sciatica that this false belief must be changed.
As mentioned, back pain has several types and includes important causes.

Inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic and rheumatologic diseases, and even dangerous diseases such as cancer, etc., as well as simple causes such as muscle spasm and mechanical factors, and ultimately the causes of the disc between the septa. Therefore, back pain is a symptom and not a disease, such as fever, which can be caused by simple, sometimes dangerous, and requires more accurate examination.

Therefore, patients with low back pain should first consult a physician and have a history and careful examination, and if necessary, specific tests, imaging and imaging tests, nerve and muscle strains, … type, severity and cause of back pain, and Then special treatment is given. Given the presence of lumbar disc hernia and the involvement of sciatic nerve roots and the presence of pain in the waist with leg release, anesthesia and limb weakness, the physician should first determine the type and severity of the disease, followed by step-by-step Take up Although a small percentage of these patients need urgent surgery, the division of patients into surgical and non-surgical cases is the most important task of the physician.

Fortunately, most of this type of waistline results from non-surgical procedures such as absolute or relative rest, drug therapy, prescription medical treatment, lumbar corsets, physiotherapy, pool use and therapeutic motion in the water, and changing the way of life and precautions necessary. The important thing to do after the treatment of back pain is to prevent the relapse of the disease, which requires special training to be given to the patient and preventive aspects are very important.

In addition, avoiding self-care and non-referral to non-doctors and non-specialists by patients is very important, and it is necessary, in consultation with physicians specializing in neurosurgery, orthopedics, physical medicine, rheumatologists and … their problems in a scientific form with the lowest cost and the best result. Solve and appreciate your health.

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